What is Impostor Roster?

This is a place where people can anonymously vent about that one facet (or tons!) of their field that always seems to stump them. Impostor Syndrome is prevalent in every area of work or leisue where people can be found attempting to excel.

I think the best cure is exposure: after all, every one one of us feels like an impostor sometimes, and that very fact should be enough to make us all realize how silly that is!

You might notice some posts that are nearly transparent. Those are non-serious posts from people who use this site as a way to make (mostly) crappy jokes. We don't want to remove them entirely, but we'd like the site to continue to be useful for people who actually want to post and read seriously. Let us know what you think about this decision (contact info below).

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If you're that kind of person, this project happens to be open source and hosted on GitHub. Feel free to contribute :)

This site was one of the first stabs at web app development by Vinney Cavallo . He started this site a few years ago but never really finished it - whatever that would mean. He is a 'professional' software developer now and quickly got it hosted in its tawdry state in order to capture an opportune moment in the current zeitgeist regarding people's feelings about impostordom and job interviews in particular. It currently lacks many features that it would ideally have. Maybe now the aforementioned will get around to adding them. Some of those include:

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